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Supporting women after pregnancy and infant loss.

You are not alone. I see you. And I am here to support you in your healing, recovery, and living a life you love. I am here to help you reclaim your power after loss and help you along your journey, as I have been where you are now.

I am a Pregnancy Loss Coach, Mindset Coach and Mentor. Along my journey I have experienced fertility issues, the loss of a baby, and 2 traumatic births.

My clients draw comfort from knowing that they are not alone in their journey and understanding that they are not solely defined by their grief and loss.




Who do I work with?

With the heartbreaking statistic that 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage in their life and on average 6 stillborn babies are born in Australia every day, I have created a safe space, filled with love, light and understanding.

All 1:1 Coaching Sessions are held over the phone or Zoom so you can be anywhere in the world.

Do you:

  • Feel guilt over the loss of a child?
  • Need help to look to the future?
  • Feel a sense of isolation?
  • Want to find a sense of self or joy in your life again?
  • Want to discover self-love?
  • Feel anxious about your next pregnancy?

Are you ready to:

  • Give yourself a break?
  • Love yourself?
  • Give yourself permission to enjoy life?
  • Take a chance to seek and achieve new dreams?
  • Get involved in activities that bring you joy?

Am I the right coach for you?

  • I am excited, motivated & energised by working with women
  • I want you to know that you’re not alone in this
  • I am also walking a journey of grief and loss
  • I want to help you find joy, be confident & love yourself
  • I help women FEEL differently about themselves

I may not be the right coach for you if:

  • You are suffering from depression or anxiety and being treated by a specialist eg a counsellor or psychologist
  • You want someone to tell you what to do
  • You are not open to living a fulfilled, joyful life

1:1 Coaching Package

Coaching sessions are held over the phone or Zoom.

  • Pre-coaching Questionnaire
  • 30 minute Complimentary Session
  • Six 60 minute sessions over 12 weeks
  • Email support between sessions

Together we will focus on the goals that you want to achieve. Our fortnightly coaching sessions include action plans, mile-stone check-ins, and email support along the way.

Investment: $100 AUD per fortnight ($600 AUD in total).

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshops

Held in Newcastle, Australia, these workshops are held in a beautiful, relaxing environment, where you can feel free to share your feelings and experiences.

In these workshops you will experience exercises to help you identify old limiting beliefs and let them go so that you can love yourself and find the beauty that exists inside. We work with each of the four aspects of ourselves; mind, body, emotions and spirit. All exercises have been designed to aid the healing process.

We achieve our goals (and so much more) when we are willing to focus on the joy we have in our lives.

As we discover the benefits of loving ourselves, when we remove ‘should’ from our vocabulary and when we finally say no to others and yes to ourselves, we start to become open to new ways of welcoming self-love into our day-to-day existence. This could include journal writing, mindfulness, meditation or just allowing yourself to grieve, letting others know when you need to talk and when you need to be alone.

Bella You Coaching

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I am a Pregnancy Loss Coach, Mindset Coach and Mentor. I  support women who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss and those celebrating a new pregnancy.

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